Friday, 18 June 2010


Neuroimages are quite large and the app will therefore be quite memory demanding. Also, the older versions of iPhone/iPod touch do not support OpenGL|ES 2, which is something I'm planning to use for 3D textures in the volume rendering view. For this reason, I was thinking I should only support iDevices having 256 MB of memory or more. This means I will not support iPhone 3G or 2G.

However, I do listen to you. If many of you really need iPhone 3G support, I will try my best to support it. But there's no point in building in support for devices having less than 256 MB of memory if you are all sitting on the latest hardware anyway.

I have created a poll, where you can vote about which devices you would like to be supported. If I see a big demand of iPhone 3G/2G support, I will probably support it. However, it means I have to put more efforts into supporting old hardware and get less time for advanced features.

You can select multiple choices, such as both iPhone 3Gs/4 and iPad. I've given my vote. :)

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