Wednesday, 4 August 2010

3D stereo graphics from your iPhone

This year is the year of 3D stereo TVs. In 2009 we went to the movie theatres to watch movies like Avatar in true 3D, and now we can buy our own 3D LCD TV to watch 3D movies at home. It's an interesting development for brain image visualisation. I played with this a couple of years ago by using active shutter glasses for CRT-screens.

One thing that has drawn my attention is the kind of 3D glasses with built in LCD-screen that you can connect to your iPhone or iPad. They are actually meant to be used for watching movies from your iPhone, but they also support 3D stereo graphics.

It's actually possible to send 3D stereo graphics from any iPhone app to these kind of glasses, given that the developer has implemented such a feature. I actually bought a pair just to play with the idea. They are quite cheap. The pair you see in the image is the Cinemizer Plus from Carl Zeiss. They only cost about €300.

I actually bought the Vuzix iWear instead, which is about the same price. I believe that the Cinemizer Plus might be better so I'm thinking about buying these too in order to compare. I have only watched 3D YouTube videos from my iPhone so far, but some of them are quite impressive.

What do you think? Would you get a pair of these if the NeuroPub app supports them for 3D volume rendering? Think of being able to watch your statistical results in true 3D stereo from your iPhone. Please feel free to comment or vote on the right side of the blog.

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