Monday, 6 December 2010

Compressed NIfTI works!

This was easier than I thought. :-) Now I just have to make it possible to download NIfTI images from Safari or Mail. I think that will be enough for version 1.1.

Working on supporting nii.gz

I want to support compressed NIfTI for the next release. That is what I'm currently working on. This will make it more convenient to send images through email directly to the iPad, or accessing a web page with compressed NIfTI images and downloading them to the app.

Personally, I'm thinking about setting up a local web site where I can access the images I produce in my studies. Then I can browse this archive and download the images I need to the NeuroPub Visualizer, without going through a computer.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Join the NeuroPub forum at NITRC

I have started a forum at NITRC. This is a good place to have an open discussion about the app. You can find the forum here: NeuroPub forum

Float format

The current version (v1.0) will only read NIfTI images in float format. I use FSL to convert my images to this format. This is what I do to convert:

fslmaths in.nii out.nii -odt float

The output image (out.nii) will now be in 32-bit float format.

Version 1.0 now available on App Store

The NeuroPub Visualizer is finally released. You can get it here: NeuroPub Visualizer