Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Version 1.1 submitted

The new version is finally submitted. Here are the new features:
  • Support for compressed NIfTI (nii.gz).
  • Import NIfTI images from other apps on your iPad (like Safari, Mail, Dropbox, etc). This means you don't have to import through iTunes anymore.
  • Delete feature. You can now delete images.
  • Hide/show cursor.
  • Change colour map.
I did not include support for Left-to-Right coordinate system in this version. I thought about it, but adding it now would only delay this release even further. I will include it in v1.2 instead. This means you still need to make sure your images have exactly the same coordinate system as the 2x2x2 standard brain that comes with FSL and SPM.

I will let you know when the new version is available.

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