Saturday, 11 May 2013

NeuroPub v1.2 for iPhone and iPad available now!

Version 1.2 of NeuroPub is finally available for both iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of new features in this update, including an iPhone version of NeuroPub. Here are all the new features:

  1. iPhone support
  2. Switch between 2x2 view and single view
  3. Mask out activations outside the brain, using the standard template as a mask (this can be turned on and off)
  4. Make statistical image less opaque in the 3D view (this can be turned on and off)
  5. Email NIfTI files from NeuroPub
Note: NeuroPub v1.2 only works with iOS 6, so make sure you update to the latest version of iOS. If you try to run it in iOS 5, you will find that it is crashing instantly after you start it. A new version has been uploaded that will fix this problem for those of you who cannot update to iOS 6.

Version 1.2.1 has just been released, which fixes this problem. You can now run on iOS 5 devices, but the screen is stuck in portrait mode on the iPad in iOS 5. This means you cannot rotate the screen to horizontal mode for unknown reason. I strongly suggest you update to iOS 6, which does not have this problem. NeuroPub has been tested and developed for iOS 6. Unfortunately, the first generation iPad cannot be updated to iOS 6, which means you can still use NeuroPub but only in portrait mode if you have an iPad 1. You can still reach all features in portrait mode.

Single view mode is very useful. When you open the visualizer, you get into a 2x2 view that visualises the brain in a 3D view and an axial, coronal and sagittal view. However, especially on the iPhone, these subviews are a little bit too tiny so you want to view them one by one. This can easily be done by double tapping on the view you want to look at in more detail. Here is an example:

Double tapping the axial view brings it up as a single view.

In single view mode, you can still change slice location by moving the finger up and down on the farthest right side of the screen, or move the cursor like you normally do in 2x2 mode. This means you never have to leave the single view mode to navigate through the brain. To go back from single view mode, you simply double tap again. This means you can quickly go from view to view. However, if you prefer you can also bring up the view menu by tapping the View button.

Emailing images is a great new feature that will allow you to send your NIfTI images to colleagues directly from your iPhone or iPad. Say you are at a conference and want to share your published statistical results with people that are interesting in your study. What a great opportunity to be able to share your results by just sending them as an email. Best of all, if they have installed NeuroPub on their iPhone or iPad, they will immediately be able to visualise them without heading to a computer!

These new features work both for the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, both versions have exactly the same features. Go ahead and download NeuroPub from App Store now! It's free.

The new version of NeuroPub will be presented at the Human Brain Mapping conference in Seattle (OHBM 2013). If you are attending the conference, make sure to visit the NeuroPub poster (#1444)! It will be presented during the poster session on Monday, June 17.

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