Sunday, 6 June 2010

At #OHBM2010 - the iPad visualiser finally works

I have finally arrived to the conference. There are still some work to do before I can release the iPad version of the app, but I made some progress yesterday. Now I can move the crosshair in the different views and the slice positions will change accordingly. The crosshair also moves in the 3D view. The viewer is still a bit slow when you change slice location in the 2D views, while the 3D view is very smooth and fast. This is probably easy to optimise.

If you want to see the app in action and happen to be at #OHBM2010, please visit the poster #948 during the poster session on Wednesday & Thursday afternoon.


  1. just been to see your demo and poster at HBM. Very impressive! Will definitely keep an eye on this!

  2. Just been at the poster too, and I found this interactive format a very useful enhancement of a poster session, despite the current memory limitations.

    Could you provide an electronic version that can be downloaded and linked to? Thanks!

  3. Hi. Thanks for your great feedback. I will make sure to upload the poster as a pdf when I get back home.


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