Tuesday, 17 August 2010

3D glasses for NeuroPub will only work with iPad and iPhone 4

It turns out that it's not possible for an app to detect and use the external video connector on an iPhone 3GS, which is really a pitty. Apple only allows apps running on iPad and iPhone 4 to use the external video.

I have spent some time to really get this to work on my iPhone 3GS. Now I really want an iPhone 4. Oh well, I can still try the iPhone app on my iPad for this specific purpose. I should add that the 3D glasses work just fine on my iPhone 3GS when using them to watch movies from the iPod app. It's just that they cannot be used from the NeuroPub app. For that, you need an iPad or an iPhone 4.


  1. I am sure the 3d glasses are great fun (and I'm curious about exactly what kind of 3d glasses, and how you set them up)...but I hope that doesn't stop you from releasing an app with basic nifti viewer capabilities. That would be awesome!

  2. Thanks for your comment. 3D glasses will not be supported in the first versions, so the aim is still to release the app with basic nifti viewer at the end of august. :-)


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