Monday, 17 June 2013

#Neurosynth integration in #NeuroPub

I'm at the #OHBM2013 conference and I've just learned about #Neurosynth. This is an amazing project and I've just implemented some basic support for it in the next version of #NeuroPub.

Neurosynth is a database of peak activations and corresponding metadata extracted from published articles. This database is currently in it's beta-stage, but you can already do amazing things with it. For instance, you can select a seed voxel and get back a NIfTI image with all voxels co-activating this voxels. Check it out here:

Unfortunately, the NIfTI images are in FLOAT64 format and the current version of NeuroPub only supports FLOAT32. The next version will therefore support FLOAT64 too, which means you can go to and download NIfTI images directly to your iPhone or iPad. If that wasn't enough, you will also be able to look up a specific seed voxel in Neurosynth given your currently selected coordinate in NeuroPub. It will work like this: You first select a voxel of interest by dragging the cursor, then select the new "Seed voxel in Neurosynth" tool from the Tools-menu. NeuroPub will then open the corresponding Neurosynth homepage for the given seed voxel, from which you will be able to download a NIfTI image with the co-activations.

If you are at #OHBM2013 in Seattle and want to get a demonstration of how it works, then make sure to come to poster 1444 during Monday's poster session where I will present the next version of NeuroPub.

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